Outdoor Lighting Products

Sphera is an architectural lighting brand that offers professional lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor environments. We have a range of unique lighting products suitable for external use with a range of finishes that can complement any residential, commercial and workplace outdoor environment.

Exterior Wall & Ceiling Lights

Select from a wide range of wall and ceiling or surface lights for exterior environments. Our Made in Italy brand, Diomede have a range of exciting products from the Aria wall lights, to the Miron floodlight and DX spotlight. Diomede Modulo and Sole is slim and perfect for illuminating passages and stairwells. Our Luciano exterior wall light and our Maestro pendants are a versatile luminaire which can be used indoors as well as outdoor due to their modern and minimalist appearance.

Exterior Bollards

Our outdoor bollards are both functional and minimalist in style. Paletto is an energy saving bollard ideal for public and private settings. Whilst Spada and Diomede Matita adapt to any environment with its slim and modern appearance. Diomede’s range of exterior finishes are a unique addition to our outdoor lighting products.

Exterior Floor Lighting

Profilo Inground Linear LED amd Diomede Zero are ideal for illuminating footpaths and highlighting walls or surfaces.