Product Design & Customisation

At Sphera we are proud to work with award-winning architects and interior designers to help them light with a difference across their residential, commercial, workplace and hospitality projects. We have the ability to customise almost all of our products for your specific needs. In addition, our design team are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you develop a bespoke lighting product for the exacting needs of your project.

The 1906 Apartment by YSG

This luxurious apartment in Sydney is one of our favourite residential project featuring our custom colour Binario Track that seamlessly integrates with its golden tones and richly layered textures, dark hues and decadent materials.

Middleman Espresso by DKO

Our minimal Cilindrino Pendant is custom made with exposed globes here at Middleman Espresso, whilst Palla is custom designed to be mounted on a custom frame to provide ambient light over the dining tables.

Populus by Biasol Studio

We collaborated with Biasol to produce a custom LED pendant made from Tasmanian Oak Timber which effortlessly suspends over the dining area created soft and ambient lighting overhead for diners.

Get in touch with our design team to see how we can help you light with a difference and provide the level of product customisation to truly make your project stand out.