One Wilson Ave Display Suite

One Wilson Ave is the latest development of thoughtful apartments from Milieu Property and Neometro, in the heart of Brunswick. We’ve partnered with the team to light the Display Suite, enhancing the natural light to showcase the functionality and ambience purchasers can look forward to inhabiting, with a selection of Sphera Architectural Lighting.

The project is a collaboration between Fieldwork and DesignOffice, resulting in simple, well-planned and highly considered spaces, across an offering of 1-3 bedroom apartments. The homes provide exceptional quality of fit-out, in a vibrant and convenient location. The selection of lights provided in the Display Suite are both decorative and functional.

Lighting the kitchen area is our popular O-Lamp over the bench and Aplik in the pantry, providing both visual interest with geometric form, and warm light with minimal glare. Lighting the broader spaces within the Display Suite are our Mattia LED downlights, Binario track lighting and suspended Profilo 1613 LED pendant light. These are a flexible and minimalist choice for directional lighting and casting light across a larger space. The selection of lighting products completes the muted, light-filled ambience of the Display Suite.

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View product details for Profilo 1613

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