We are committed to service excellence for the architectural, design and engineering community. Providing you with high-quality products, our broad industry knowledge and advanced technologies so you can light with a difference.

Product Range

Our lighting products are at the heart of our business and comparable with our customer service excellence. We have a wide range of quality products for interior, exterior and urban application. Whether aesthetics or functionality are key, we’re here to help you find the best possible lighting solution to meet your project needs and satisfy your client’s requirements, without compromise. Strong on customisation and technical support, Sphera can seamlessly assist throughout all stages from concept design, through to installation and on-site support.

Product Customisation

Sphera offers product customisation on most of our lighting range. We can help you personalise and create bespoke pieces for any lighting project; from an accent light for a hotel lobby or restaurant, to custom path lights in an urban landscape, our customisation capability is especially tailored for your project needs. Our customisation services consider all possibilities, viability and manufacturing costs to meet your design requirements. Working with select manufacturers and overseeing the entire design from concept through to production, we ensure your lighting products are delivered to the agreed specifications and adhere to Australian lighting standards.

Lighting Design

Lighting is an integral part of any interior and exterior design. At Sphera we offer expert advice and lighting design solutions for all aspects of architecture and design; from residential and commercial interiors and exteriors, to retail, public spaces and urban environments. In addition to lighting ergonomics and adhering to strict building regulations, we listen to our client’s needs and deliver lighting solutions that meet their requirements. Our lighting design packages includes complete technical drawings, calculations and 3D renditions representing visuals of the end result.

Lighting Analysis

Through a detailed analysis combining other fitting selections and other environmental factors, we are able to show the interaction of all effected elements and provide a demonstration of the desired light environment from soft ambient lighting, and uniform lighting, to extreme accent lighting. We make it incredibly simple to clearly visualise the lighting effects of your environment pre-installation with the use of a wide range of Sphera products and our technical design services.