Cremorne Coworking Space by Ewert Leaf

Workplace lighting can have a significant influence on workers’ wellbeing, productivity, performance and safety. We collaborated with Ewert Leaf to provide directional and decorative lighting throughout Cremorne Coworking Space to support the daily experience of workers.

Cremorne Coworking Space is a shared office featuring open-plan workstations, meeting rooms and break-out spaces. The different levels of lighting and ambience are influenced by the various types of work activities and functions of certain areas.

The meeting rooms feature decorative downlighting. A custom rectangular timber pendant in the main conference room casts broad light across the table, while the Amak pendant is a sleek and modern interpretation of a traditional lampshade.

A combination of lighting above workstations provides even illumination as well as focused task lighting. Sistema is an extruded aluminium pendant that provides discreet and even lighting over the length of the desks. Mattia is a recessed light for visual comfort and reduced glare, and Elle is a cylindrical track-mounted fitting that can be used as a directional spotlight.

In addition to providing essential illumination, our Aplik, O-lamp and Cilindrino add decorative detail to spaces, and bring warmth, ambience and lighting effects to enhance the design and atmosphere.

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