Sistema is an LED system in extruded aluminium offering style and flexibility with its many options and configurations.  With pendant, surface mount and wall/ceiling recessed varieties available the design possibilities are endless. Connection kits are available to create continuous runs of light, mounted or recessed vertically or horizontally.

Product Type: LED System – Pendant, Surface mount, ceiling/wall recessed

Light Source: LED – 20W, 25W, 30W, 40W, 2x20W | 3000K (WW)

Voltage: 24V / 240V

Material: Extruded aluminium

Finish: Aluminium

Protection Rating: IP33

On request: 4000K (NW)Custom colours | Dimmable

Options: Pendant and surface mounted – Extrusion profiles: 33x60mm (remote power supply); 40x67mm (remote or integral power supply); 54x70mm (integral power supply); 79x77mm (integral power supply); 105x70mm (integral power supply); 128x43mm – Up/Down wall or side emission pendant (integral power supply); Recessed: 55x35mm (remote power supply); 69x35mm (remote power supply; 94x35mm (remote power supply)