FLAI: Portable Outdoor Lighting

Living outdoors is one of the great joys of the Australian lifestyle. FLAI, by Diomede, is a portable outdoor lamp that allows for flexible and changing illumination of exterior spaces.

We use our outdoor spaces in different ways throughout the day and throughout the year. From morning coffee to outdoor dining, relaxing reading to casual catchups.

FLAI is a portable lighting solution that provides adaptable light so users can illuminate outdoor spaces depending on their desired use and atmosphere.

Designed by MAIS Project for Diomede, FLAI is a hand-sized geometric module with a sleek, minimalist design. Its small size and light weight make it easy to carry and move, and to bring light to different spaces in different ways.

Interchangeable supports (with a magnetic coupling system) enable the light to be a table or floor lamp. It can be hung from a cable wire as a singular pendant or series of pendants, or be propped on a table or secured to a wall. The portability of FLAI means its uses are flexible and changing, giving users the opportunity to choose.

FLAI is available in black or white, and is a unique, modern solution for commercial and residential environments.

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