Top 5 Residential Lighting Products

At Sphera our approach is always personable particularly when it comes to lighting solutions to enhance where you live. We collaborate on a number of residential environments for the sole owner occupier through to multi-residential developments. With each residential environment, comfort, enjoyment and atmosphere all play an important part in creating exceptional living experiences inside and outdoors.

Here are our Top 5 most popular lighting products for your home.

1. Binario

1906 Apartment by Sydney design studio YSG is richly layered with dark hues and decadent materials. In the kitchen, Binario track lights feature above the island in a custom finish to complement the interior design and finishes. Learn more


2. Cilindro

A heavenly plant-filled atrium brings life, light and connection into the heart of this family home designed by Biasol Studio. Our Cilindro ceiling mounted lights simply illuminate the kitchen areas with no visible screws or fixing adding to this minimalist chic interior. Learn more

3. Lola

In this eclectic residence of interior designer Tali Roth, Lola features in the kitchen to provide functional and flexible lighting with its 360° rotation and 90° tilt. Learn more


4. Luciano

Home and Away is designed by YSG Studio, in this dream-like home of Australian author, skin care founder and entrepreneur, Zoë Foster Blake and husband, Australian comedian, TV and radio presenter, Hamish Blake, Luciano exterior wall lights feature at the entrance in a custom paint finish. Learn more

5. Sole Round

The Northcote House designed by Lisa Breeze Architects features our slimline surface mounted Sole Round on the exteriors. Sole is available in a variety of sizes and shapes suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Learn more

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance, embrace the convenience of smart lighting, or enhance your outdoor areas, Sphera is dedicated to helping you create the perfect lighting environment for your living spaces. We recognise that these elements are pivotal in crafting exceptional living experiences, both indoors and outdoors.


Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you light with a difference to truly make your project stand out.