Today Design Workspace by Studio Edwards

The workspace of digital agency Today Design is located in Collingwood in a 900 sqm space designed by Studio Edwards. The project has a strong focus on sustainability and flexible, collaborative spaces. Lighting plays a crucial role in the design, as the design approach was to leave zero waste behind, using readily available materials with no applied finishes, avoiding traditional finishes like plasterboard and instead using translucent corrugated sheeting to maximise natural light while maintaining privacy.

Informal layouts encourage interaction, with movable walls, sliding elements, and a dynamic circulation design promoting collaboration. The entry features a circular reception desk cocooned in recycled denim for acoustics and comfort. The design allows for spaces to expand and contract as needed, promoting creativity and teamwork, with custom furniture and magnetic panels supporting the process.

The project features our Pulse, Fold pendant in a custom finish, Palla 300, Zinco track light and O-lamp products arranged in a systematic layout to maximise the varying uses of the space.

Today Design Workspace is a remarkable example of sustainable, collaborative design where lighting and spatial flexibility create an innovative environment.

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