The Ivory Room by The Make Haus

The Ivory Room is a boutique bridal space characterised by its elegant design and thoughtful lighting. Designed by The Make Haus team, the space showcases a sophisticated palette of soft ivory tones and luxurious furnishings. The importance of lighting in this space cannot be overstated, as it sets the mood and enhances the overall atmosphere.

Retail lighting is essential for shaping the shopping experience and influencing consumer behavior. It goes beyond illumination, serving to enhance brand identity, showcase products, and create engaging environments.

Sphera Lira Recessed Downlight, Cilindro 13W and Binario 13W feature throughout in a Custom Colour, with Ribbon 0410 softly illuminating the curvaceous walls, creating warmth and ambiance while highlighting retail displays and product. The design of The Ivory Room demonstrates the transformative power of lighting in elevating the mood and enhancing the beauty of a space, transporting its customers away to begin their bridal journey.

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