Place HQ by Collectivus

Place Estate Agents’s new HQ is warm and welcoming, with Sphera architectural lighting softly illuminating the reception, workstations and meeting rooms. 

Collectivus designed the new head office of Place Estate Agents in Brisbane. Spanning 1,100 square metres, the five-level space is professional and inviting, with a muted and textural material palette. We collaborated with Collectivus to provide functional and elegant lighting that softly illuminates the reception, conference room, workstations and breakout spaces.

The foyer is warm and welcoming, with our Mattia downlights casting light throughout the space. The fixtures are concealed in recessed tracks in the ceiling, and the LED light source is also recessed into the housing for reduced glare and visual comfort.

Our Anke pendant has a glowing presence above the table in the conference room. The dome-shaped pendant makes a strong statement with its 1-metre-diameter shade, that’s matt black on the exterior and orange in the interior.

Sphera custom designed the tracks of our Profilo pendant that curve above the workstations. With three tracks suspended side-by-side, they provide a minimalist and effective lighting solution over the desks.

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