O-Lamp Decorative Lighting

It’s no surprise that O-Lamp is one of Sphera’s most popular products, renowned for the beauty of its pure spherical form. Designed for ceiling or wall mounted applications, O-Lamp is available within our range of decorative lighting products suitable for residential, commercial, retail and hospitality spaces.

Pictured: O-Lamp featured in Holism Retreat by Studio Tate

Pictured: O-Lamp featured in Vision Studio by Studio Edwards

Crafted with satin blown glass, the diffuser emits a soft light, ideal for creating ambience within dimly lit spaces. For a functional and sophisticated design statement, the lamp is often used in pairs or groups, or as a singular feature.

Pictured: O-Lamp featured in Cecil St by Alison Lewis Interiors

O-Lamp is available in either an 80mm or 120mm diameter and with the option for a custom colour base to match any colour palette. Take inspiration from some of our recent projects with leading architects and interior designers, showcasing the possibilities of O-Lamp.

Pictured: O-Lamp featured in Butler’s Kitchen

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