Binario Track ft. in Lune Croissanterie Extension by Ewert Leaf

Originally designed by Studio Esteta, the expansion of Melbourne’s most coveted croissant brand, Lune, embodies simplicity and functionality, aimed at showcasing the artistry of their pastries in a converted warehouse in Fitzroy.

Featuring an encased, dust free, temperature-controlled room — the Lune Lab, the design of Lune 2.0 aims to blur the lines between patrons and bakers, inviting customers to engage with the production process while celebrating the concept of experiential retail.

Through minimalist gestures and fluid spatial sequences, the design elevates the humble croissant to the status of art, creating an immersive and celebratory atmosphere that honors the craftsmanship behind each pastry.

A recent renovation by Ewert Leaf saw the extension of the concrete counter bar with Sphera’s Binario Track in black illuminating overhead where orders are taken and received.

Sphera’s Binario is a popular product in hospitality environments. Its minimal and modern design offers a 360° rotation and 90° tilt, ensuring flexibility for illuminating every corner of your space. Binario’s recessed LED light source not only minimizes glare but also elevates the ambiance, providing guests with a high level of visual comfort. Whether mounted on a lighting track or a recessed ceiling plate, Binario seamlessly integrates into any hospitality, commercial or residential environment with ease.

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