Outdoor linear recessed ground led luminaire.  Available in two versions – direct light high power LED or diffused light mid power LED.  Path Ground is available in various optics.

Product Type: Linear recessed ground

Light Source: HT High power LED with transparent glass – 24 LED 16.5W; 36 LED 25W; 48 LED 33W; 60 LED 41W | 3000K (WW), 4000K (NW)

Mid power LED with satin tempered glass – 24 LED 16.8W; 36 LED 25W; 48 LED 33.6W; 60 LED 42W | 3000K (WW), 4000K (NW)

Optics: 18°, 28°, 64°, elliptical 38° + 14°

Voltage: 230-240V

Material: Painted extruded and die-cast aluminium body

Colour: Silver

Protection Rating: IP65

Accessories: Recessing box included

On request: Dimmable

Made in Italy