The Automatic Bollards have been designed to ensure genuine Anti-Terrorist defence. Current models are the result of 40 years of security product development and 20 years physical product testing and certification. These bollards are recommended for use in any security sensitive site such as embassies, police facilities and military bases with a stopping capability from 250.000 J to 700.000 J impact resistance and from 750.000 J to 2.000.000 J breakout resistance. The remote control and automation features allow these bollards to be activated promptly to address a developing situation, and counter any rapidly evolving incident providing specific protection to the general public against rogue vehicles used as weapons against pedestrians.  The Anti-Terrorist Bollards can be supplied with a large number of optional accessories that allow customisation according to security needs.

Product Type: Anti-Terrorist Automated Bollard

Material: Stainless Steel or Steel

Color: Black, Silver, Yellow and Custom