Ishizuka is an award-winning Japanese restaurant designed by Russell & George. The Japanese restaurant is led by acclaimed Chef Tomotaka Ishizuka and recently awarded the 2019 Frame Awards, Restaurant of the Year.

The 16-seat restaurant offers diners a unique experience through Japanese haute cuisine known as Kaiseki. In traditional Kaiseki practice, the Chef presents authentic flavours derived from fresh produce to the diner over a series of courses complemented by an act of theatre cultivated through carefully selected tableware, the presentation of food and an exclusive, intimate dining setting.

The brief we received from Russell & George was simply to approach Ishizuka as a stage set for the theatre rather than a typical restaurant project. The lighting was particularly important in setting the right ambiance for the dining experience. Find out what Sphera products were used to elevate and create the inimitable dining experience.

The lighting products we used for Ishizuka created a unique atmosphere for diners and staff. Each product was selected with intention, functionality and aesthetics in mind.

Mattia with a 15-degree beam spread was used to draw attention purely on the bar to highlight the presentation of each Kaiseki dish.

Profilo 1515 was used to provide a soft even wash to the concrete walls whilst providing indirect ambient lighting. In addition, Profilo 1613 was used in the joinery to provide a subtle light wash effect over the workstation.

Cilindro is our cylindrical light we used to illuminate the area over the reception counter and a custom Binario with low voltage was used to highlight the featured half dome structure complete with a Japanese floral arrangement and seating.

“As with all good restaurants they are stage sets for humanity. Lighting plays an integral part in creating atmospheres for people to interact with what’s on offer and to amplify the experience of dining.

In consultation with Sphera, Ishizuka was to be approached as a stage set for theatre rather than a restaurant. Their involvement within this process in terms of time, prototyping and experience allowed us to seamlessly facilitate the aspirations of our client, our design team and ultimately the end users, the fortunate 16 diners per evening who get to experience, Ishizuka.”

— Ryan Russell, Russell and George

View the Frame Awards announcement here.

Images by Felix Forest