1R by Foolscap Studio

1R in Melbourne is the first Australian venture of the UK boutique gym. We collaborated with Foolscap Studio to provide lighting that enhances 1R’s dynamic fitness experience.

1R in South Yarra, Melbourne, provides a high-intensity fitness experience. Sphera worked closely with Foolscap Studio on a range of custom lighting used functionally and decoratively throughout the gym to enhance the futuristic ambience and aesthetic.

The first level is light and calm, with a reception, coffee and smoothie bar and retail area. A grid of our Profilo lighting is custom designed for the space, providing short, sharp dashes of light suspended from the exposed ceiling. The glass bricks of the reception and bar echo the rectilinearity of the grid and are softly lit from behind. Behind the coffee and smoothie bar, Aplik emits up and down light against the wall behind the white reflector.

The basement is where the high-octane action happens amid burnished concrete surfaces, moody neon lights and booming music. Visitors can head back upstairs to the changerooms after their workout where Tubo Opal and Tubo Gold lights are mounted vertically and horizontally, reflecting light against the linear metal surfaces.

1R also features Mattia, Cilindro Maxi, Modulo Opal, Louvre and Zinco lights throughout the various spaces.

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